Agriculture Co. Project: Case Study

Project Summary

Our Agriculture Co. Project began in January 2016 and was centered on a company in Kuwait. The client received a contract for a government project, in which they were to provide an LED solar street light system. They currently implement a similar contract, which includes the solar panel itself, the battery to power the street lights, the control for the solar panels, and the street light pole.

For the government project, they wanted the same system, however, they want a better solution than the one they currently use. The product quantity of the project for the client was 1800pcs.

Kuait Solar LED Street Light Project

The Goals

The goals of our Agriculture Co. Project are as follows: the client requires an LED solar lighting system which will continue to work over a period of three rainy days, and after the battery is fully charged. With these goals at the forefront of the project, we worked in partnership with the client and ensured we sought and found solutions to their challenges, adapting them to the individual client needs.

Questions & Challenges From The Client

With the nature of the client’s project, and having to adhere to the government specifications, the client had a variety of questions for us, which we answered with our expert knowledge. One such question was how can we ensure the LED solar street light system we put in place will endure the heat of summer in Kuwait, and how will it withstand the strong wind? Therefore, it meant that this project also posed a series of unique challenges, which we had to adapt our suggestions to provide the ideal solutions.

Suggestions & Solution

When considering the client’s requirements, questions and challenges, we had the following suggestions:

1,The Government Requirements:

The requirements the government has for the project meant that the solar battery was to be installed at the top of the pole. However, with the temperature reaching very high degree, it would drain the battery power and, in turn, the battery lifespan. It would mean the battery life would be significantly shorter, and the client would have to replace it sooner rather than later. Therefore, we persuaded the client that placing and installing the battery underground would be best for the battery itself.

2,The High Temperature:

In Kuwait, the summer temperatures can reach record-breaking 50c, which is a threat again to the lifespan of the solar battery. To respond to the challenge this heat poses, it’s vital that we supply the client with higher quality batteries. We, therefore, recommended GEL battery, which not only has a longer lifespan, but it comes with three years warranty.

3,How to Counteract Strong Wind:

With wind speeds reaching over 20mph, it’s important that the solar panel can withstand the strong wind. We, therefore, suggested dividing the solar panel into two pieces. For the solar panel itself, we recommended Mono Crystalline, which has a higher efficiency than Poly. We then recommended it was installed on the pole system in two separate parts.

4,Ensuring the Light Works All Day:

One challenge posed by the client was that the LED street light would have to work over 12 hours a day. Therefore our recommendations of the GEL battery will also ensure the light can power for more hours, as it has at least five days of autonomy.

5,The Full LED System Solution:

We recommended to the client that for their LED solar street lighting, they adopt the smart controlling system. This system will save several units of energy due to the fact that the client can set the most suitable brightness, which is adjustable between 25% and 100% brightness. It can also be fixed by time periods, meaning the full brightness can be set depending on the time and activities.

Solar Street lighting Installed

The Outcome

Upon reviewing our suggestions and recommendations, the client chose a full system solution. This full system includes 40W LED street light, 130W solar panel, 130Ah GEL battery, and a 4-meter high pole. By choosing the Mono Crystalline solar panel, the client will reach optimum lighting levels, as well as the correct distribution of the LED light, meeting the project requirements perfectly.


After the installation of the project, the client found the LED solar street light system is extremely bright, a key feature they were keen to achieve. The client was very happy with the system, it was above and beyond what they wanted, and they are extremely satisfied with the end result.


By working in partnership with the client, taking careful consideration over each need, and adhering to the government requirements while still offering the correct solutions, we were able to create and install a beautiful LED solar street light system in Kuwait. By taking into consideration the unique challenges the project posed, we were able to deliver on every promise. Both our client and we at SOMPOR are extremely happy and proud of what we collectively achieved.

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