Jordan Lectro: Case Study

Project Summary

Our Lectro project was completed in May 2018, in Jordan. The project involved us working in partnership with a client who is an electrical engineer salesman, who, in turn, was working for a client. He approached us with the project of providing LED lights for his client’s airport warehouse design. A further aim of the project was also to save the client energy. In this project, we together designed a lighting solution, using 500W LED high bay lights.

500W LED High Bay in Jordan 2

The Goals

The goals of our Lectro Project are as follows: to provide lighting solutions for the client’s airport warehouse design, and to help the client save energy. Furthermore, the lights need to work 9 hours every day.

With the lights needing work nine hours a day, while simultaneously using less lighting to get the best effect of energy saving, we recommended the best LED high bay lights. With the lighting being provided for an airport warehouse, it needs to be bright enough to allow the workforce to work safely and comfortably, helping illuminate every area of the warehouse in the best way.

Questions & Challenges From The Client

There were a series of questions from the client which we provided professional and expert answers for, to ensure we delivered the design and solutions the client desired. These questions from the client included how could we ensure the lighting works for the desired nine hours a day?

Additional questions posed were how could we ensure our lighting solutions provide the best illumination while also saving energy for the client, and what wattage would we suggest for the project?

Our primary challenge regarding the project, however, was that at first, it appeared we could not meet the client demands, with the DIAlux report falling short. We quickly and tirelessly worked out a series of solutions for the client to ensure the deadline and the goals were met efficiently and promptly.

Suggestions & Solution

When considering the client’s requests and questions, we had the following suggestions:

1. First, we discussed the project requirements further with the client and suggested we change the angle of the lens beam. By changing the angle, we can ensure a wider range of illumination.

2. We also suggested to the client that we add more LED sources for the lighting solutions. By adding additional lighting sources, we can increase the range of the illumination, ensuring every area which needs to be lit receives the correct level of light.

3. Another suggestion we posed to the client was that we adjust the output of each current LED source. Our solution was to provide 500W LED high bay lights, in contrast to lower LED levels.

500W LED High Bay in Jordan 1


Upon learning of our professional suggestions, the client agreed with our recommendations of adjusting the LED beam angle to ensure the area is fully illuminated. The client also agreed that it would be the best course of action to increase the number of LED light sources, along with increasing the output of the current LED light sources to 500W LED high bay lights.

Our achievements for the Lectro project included:

• We provided the most efficient light solutions for the client’s demand. We provided 500pcs 500W LED high bay lights to the client.

• After one month, the client noticed they now save 67500kwh per month compared to their old airport.

• The client was extremely satisfied with such a wonderful result from our lighting solutions.


By working closely with the client and providing solutions to their lighting problems, we were able to deliver a beautiful, well-lit working environment for the new airport. Both the client and we at SOMPOR are proud and happy with what we collectively achieved.