LED Flood Light& LED Security Light

LED has replaced age-old lighting systems with a contemporary, environment-friendly lighting design.
Get the best LED lights that offer enhanced performance!

100W LED Flood Light


Default: PHILIPS

Philips LED is LM80 approved and applied for maximum efficiency and long life
(calculated L70 > 50,000h @ Ta=40 oC).  It’s available in two color temperature 4000K (Warm White)
and 5700K (Pure White) with CRI70+ or CRI>80 as an option.

Options: CREE & Nichia

130 lm/w Efficiency

70+ CRI

50,000 hrsLife Span


Model Power Lumens LED QTY LED Brand Driver Warranty CRI Input Voltage
SP-FL-10WF 10W 1,300LM PHILIPS / 5 Years 70 AC100 - 277V
SP-FL-20WF 20W 2,600LM PHILIPS / 5 Years 70 AC100 - 277V
SP-FL-50WF 50W 6,000LM PHILIPS / 5 Years 70 AC100 - 277V
SP-FL-80WF 80W 11,000LM PHILIPS / 5 Years 70 AC100 - 277V
SP-FL-100WF 100W 13,000LM 147PCS PHILIPS / 5 Years 70 AC100 - 277V
SP-FL-120WF 120W 15,600LM 210PCS PHILIPS / 5 Years 70 AC100 - 277V
SP-FL-150WF 150W 19,500LM 210PCS PHILIPS / 5 Years 70 AC100 - 277V
SP-FL-200WF 200W 26,000LM 280PCS PHILIPS / 5 Years 70 AC100 - 277V
SP-FL-240WF 240W 31,200LM 350PCS PHILIPS / 5 Years 70 AC100 - 277V

Ultra Slim Design

The LED Flood Light has a maximum thickness of 70 mm and a minimum thickness
of 61 mm.This results in convenient and cost-effective shipping.



for outdoor lighting

We follow the stringent quality controls process to provide better functional efficiency for our products. All our products
comply with the industry regulations and follow the optics safety standards. From the date of the purchase, we guarantee the
best quality of LED flood lights with 5 years of warranty against any manufacturing defect. We will promptly replace the
product or provide new accessories for damaged or broken products and pay the shipping fee.


1100 Aluminium for Housing

The secret to LED Flood Light heat transfer despite a thin housing lies in the material.
The 1100 Aluminum has a 237W/m.k termal conductivity, which enhances the
LED Flood Light performance for heat dissipation.