LED High Bay & LED Low Bay

Compared to the HID/Metal Halide/Sodium Lamps, LED high bay and LED low bay lights can save up to 70% energy. It also has 2 years payback along with a long life of 50,000 hours!


40W - 250W

Highbay and Low Bay is a high efficient and reliable LED luminaire. Designed as the point to point replacement for HPI 250W/400W luminaires, it offers customers all the benefits of LED lighting –reduced energy consumption, longer service time and less maintenance. In addition, with using high quality of the optical plate, it provides an excellent quality of light, which effectively improves the comfort of your environment.

45° / 120° Reflector Beam Angle

Get different beam angles to suit different needs. 45° is suitable for a higher ceiling and brightens up smaller spaces. 120° is more suitable for lower ceilings and larger areas. However, it has lower lux when placed at the same height.


Model Wattage Lumens LED QTY LED Chip Driver Warranty CRI Input Voltage
SP-HB-40WB 40W 4,000LM 12PCS CREE / 5 Years >70 AC100 - 277V
SP-HB-60WB 60W 6,000LM 18PCS CREE / 5 Years >70 AC100 - 277V
SP-HB-80WB 80W 8,000LM 22PCS CREE / 5 Years >70 AC100 - 277V
SP-HB-100WB 100W 10,000LM 28PCS CREE MEANWELL 5 Years >70 AC100 - 277V
SP-HB-120WB 120W 12,000LM 42PCS CREE MEANWELL 5 Years >70 AC100 - 277V
SP-HB-150WB 150W 15,000LM 42PCS CREE MEANWELL 5 Years >70 AC100 - 277V
SP-HB-200WB 200W 20,000LM 60PCS CREE MEANWELL 5 Years >70 AC100 - 277V
SP-HB-250WB 250W 25,000LM 77PCS CREE MEANWELL 5 Years >70 AC100 - 277V


It is a series of high bay and low bay lights with CREE chip and MEANWELL DRIVER. CREE combines the highly efficient InGaN materials with propriety G.SIC substrates. This enables it to deliver superior performance for the high-intensity LEDs.

  • 100lm/w

    Long Life

  • Ra>70

    Low heat generation

  • 2700K / 4500K / 5700K

    Low forward voltage

LED Chips
Highbay driver

40,000 hrs Tc 70°

IP 67

350V ac Up to

Meanwell Driver

The LED high bay and low bay use the Meanwell HBG series driver, which is a reputable brand in the power industry. It can effectively enhance the performance of the lights.

Motion Sensor & Dimmable

These tools help control the brightness of light whenever you want. All you need is download an app, connect the tools to your phone and check the lights’ working status on the go! This makes managing lights easy and help you save big on the energy bills.

Our top concern is to provide quality products to our clients. This is why we offer a 5 years warranty on all products.
We immediately replace the product or offer a new set of accessories along with paying for the shipping fee during the warranty period.



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