Warehouse Lighting Project Case Study – Canada

This is a company from Canada. What makes this company look interesting is the fact that the company is able to win many projects from Canada and the United States thanks to its professional sales and installation of the Dept. Unlike its competitors, the company has a website that can be understood by anyone or in other words, substantial. We are, personally, very interested in their website and from that, we get a lot of information about projects that have great potential.

To note, they have many projects and for each project, they always discuss with us. For example, when they get the warehouse dimension from their clients, they discuss with us to make sure our engineers can provide the most appropriate product recommendations. Our engineers not only work on warehouse arrangement but also on the provision of Dialux to the use of quantity in the warehouse. We need as much information as possible before doing our job and so far, they can provide it. In reality, we often need several changes before our clients are satisfied. But with them, we could abbreviate this grueling ritual thanks to their openness to explain the specifications they want.

LED High Bay Project in Canada

In one case, they and we encountered a problem with high watt 250W LED high bay light. They thought that by dimming the lights then they can save quite a bit of energy. We offered 1-10V dimming and they wanted a lower specification; 0-10V that can instantly die. Since the Meanwell drivers could not provide 0-10V as they could only offer 1-10V, we advised them to install the switch to switch off. We used 1-10V and they agreed in the end. They finally ordered for 300pcs of batch order.

About half a month from the first order, they ordered 2000pcs more for their warehouse project. That was more complicated than the first project and after some discussion we suggested a new type of lamp. They then took our sample to offer it to their client and after going through some simple checking procedures, their client wanted long cable wires with plugs. Not only the wires and the plugs, the client also wanted chains with hooks provided they are not too small. Therefore our engineers redesigned the size of new hooks and chains to make sure they fit the lights.


Because they are distributor, they wanted to put their logo on the lights. The problem was that the lights are made of aluminum and their size is not too large making it difficult for putting the logo on the high bays. Our engineers advised them to stick a label with their logo but unfortunately they did not like it. After going through several processes, our engineers managed to put the logo stuck to the lights and sent the sample to them. They were very happy and as a result, they ordered more 2000pcs for the third project.

We went through the next few projects before they asked about becoming a single agent. They immediately learned that we provide some demands from SOMPOR’s agent. We said that they have to make sure they can provide 150,000 dollars in payments to keep their position as an agent. They have not reached it yet so far but they are moving in a better direction and we believe in the near future they can become one of our agents.

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