SE Lighting Co.: Case Study

SE Lighting Co Project

Project Summary

Our SE Lighting Co. project was conducted in August 2018 and was centered on a company in Saudi Arabia. We have worked with the client before on a number of LED high bay light projects, offering many Dialux reports for their clients. For this project, the client required brighter, better, more efficient 1100pcs 200W and 150W LED high bay lights installing.

However, they also posed to us the challenge of adhering to a much shorter timeframe than we usually have, meaning they wanted very quick delivery and installation, within a very specific deadline. The much shorter timeframe was due to SE Lighting Company’s client wanting the installation to be finished as quickly as possible, to minimize any disruption within their business, and to receive and start using the lighting solutions as soon as they can.

The Goals

The primary goal of our SE Lighting Co. project is as follows: for the company to receive the lighting solutions within one month.

This delivery time is very specific, and it is a lot sooner than our usual project completion time. Therefore, we had to work as quickly as we could while still retaining the same high-quality standards we are known for.

We also were required to deliver and install 1100 pieces of 200W and 150W LED high bay lights to their company in Saudi Arabia, ensuring we adhered to industry requirements within that country.

Questions & Challenges From The Client

The client had a number of questions regarding the project, which we provided professional and expert answers for, to ensure we delivered the solutions the client desired. These questions included whether we could offer SASO certification, which is necessary for the client importing the lighting solution to their country. A further question asked of us by the client was regarding whether we could provide a nameplate label, and print their company logo on the products we supplied. The main question and challenge, however, related to the delivery and installation of the lighting solution. The client required a lead time of fewer than 15 days. This timeframe was a very big challenge because the lead time we usually work to is 25 days. It meant that we had a very short timeframe to work within while ensuring we delivered our exceptional quality solutions.

Suggestions & Solution

When considering the client’s requests and questions, we had the following suggestions to ensure the client we could complete and deliver the project requirements:

1. With regards to the SASO certification, SOMPOR can ensure we hold the relevant certifications to supply the lighting solutions, including SASO specifically for Saudi Arabia, SAA, RoHS, and FFC. As the SASO certification, in particular, is essential for importing the lighting solution to the client, it was vital for us to assure the client we have it and can install their lighting adhering to the industry specifications of Saudi Arabia.

2. We assured the client we could provide a nameplate and logo on their products by using a laser to print their company name and logo onto the LED high bay lights.

3. When posed with the main challenge from the client to deliver the project within the lead time of 15 days, we were keen to ensure that we could install the LED high bay lighting solutions before the 15-day deadline. However, we were also keen to ensure the high quality within the shorter time frame. Therefore, we took great care to work quickly and efficiently, while retaining the highest quality and standards.


Our main achievement of the SE Lighting Co. project was that we finished installing the lighting solutions within the 15 days lead time. By being able to deliver the required products within the specified lead time, the client was astounded and extremely satisfied with our service. The feedback the client gave regarding the high quality of our lighting was extremely positive, and they specifically said it’s “very bright,” and they are very happy.


By working closely with the client and providing the installation and delivery of their order within the timeframe of 15 days, both the client and we at SOMPOR are proud and extremely happy with what we collectively achieved. We achieved the main goal of installing the LED high bay lighting systems within the very short timeframe, and we retained our high standards and quality, so both the client and we at SOMPOR were very satisfied with the work we produced.

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